Experience tandem skydiving course

Tandem reservation

Please check the contents below and apply.
If you are the representative, please agree to the person who participates
together with the following contents.

About jumping one

[ Important ] About minors

For minors (under 20), parental approval is required. Please note that skydiving can not be done without this document on that day. Please download the consent form from below and fill in the necessary number of persons and seal and bring it on the day.
Minor consent form


  • Those who are over 90 kg are not accepted for safety reasons.
  • If the weight is 80 kg or more and less than 90 kg participate with the shoes removed in clothes, the reservation time can be accepted only at the part of 8:30.
  • Those who are 80 kg or more and less than 90 kg will be charged an overcharge fee.
  • About overcharging, please confirm "About price".

About those who can not jump

I refuse the following people.

  • Those who take alcohol or drugs
  • Those who did scuba diving within 24 hours
  • Those within 1 week after blood donation
  • Those with abnormalities in heart disease, psychosis, otolaryngology disease, epilepsy, seizures, cardiovascular system
  • Pregnant women or potential pregnancy
  • Persons who have experienced dislocation in the past
  • Those weighing 90 kg or more
  • Those over 60 years old
  • Those with health problems can not apply
  • Those with abnormality in four limbs, spine

About access

Please see the following page (document).
[ Homepage ] Access (HP guide)
[ PDF (Train version) ] Access (Train)
[ PDF (car version) ] Access (car)

What to bring, clothes etc.

Jump tandem explanatory

  • Experience tandem application form (PDF)
  • Those under the age of 20 (under 20) need to be approved by parents. Be sure to bring it on the day after printing / sealed name stamp.


  • For contact lenses, please use disposable contact lenses.
  • For spectacles, please wear sports spectacles bands.
  • Please bring a seal. Please forgive me in thumbprint when I forget it.
  • Students are encouraged to bring student cards.


  • Shoes are used regularly Athletic shoes / sneakers (things with ties are better)
  • Clothes that may be slightly soiled with clothes when going outdoors.
  • Clothes that you can take off if it is hot or wear it if it is cold.
  • For women, please refrain from skirts, heels, boots and so on.
  • I think that it is amazing when you have sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
  • Please bring a neck warmer and gloves in fall or winter. The muffler cannot be worn during skydiving.


  • If you are worried about motion sickness please drink sickness stop medicine.

About the waiting time of the day (it is approximate time as it is a guideline)

Time required for explanation and change of clothes.
There is also a check of video and photo.
  • Waiting time of 8:30 class [ 1 and a half ]
  • Waiting time of 10:00 class [ 1 and a half ]
  • Waiting time of 12:00 class [ 1 to 2 hours ]
  • Waiting time of 14:00 class [ 1 to 2 hours ]
  • Waiting time of 15:00 class [ 2 to 3 hours ]
  • Prices vary depending on time of day.
  • The time required is a guide only. Depending on the number of flights, weather and safety reasons.


About price display

The rates and cancellation fees on this page are the rates as of November 1, 2018.
Rates and cancellation fees are subject to change without prior notice. Please note.

About basic charge

8:30 am class : 32,000 yen (up to one discount applications)
10 o'clock class : 33,000 yen (discount not applicable)
12 o'clock class : 33,000 (discount not applicable)
14 o'clock class : 34,000 yen (discount not applicable)
15 o'clock class : 35,000 yen (discount not applicable)
  • *For tandem flights, you must apply for one of the video options.

About discount

Of those customers who have ordered at 8:30class, the following people will be eligible for discount.

  • Group discount: 1,000 yen discount (5 or more simultaneous applications)
  • Women discount: 1,000 yen discount (for women)
  • Minor / student discount: 1,000 yen discount (In the case of students,presentation of student ID at the field is required)
  • Discount applies only to class at 8:30: 1000 yen

[ MPORTANT ]Please note that the following people do not apply discount.

  • Those who book at 10: 00/12: 00/14: 00/15: 00 will not be eligible for discount.

If you are late for meeting time

Customers who are late for the meeting time on the day will be informed of the next class fee.
Basic rates and discount rules of the following classes apply. Please note that there are no discounts for classes at 12, 14 and 15 o'clock.
Depending on the situation, there is a thing that jumping can not be done, so cooperation like no arrival, please.
If you can not jump by late, we will charge a cancellation fee. Please note.
  • The aggregation time is not changed to the next class. Please contact us promptly upon arrival at the meeting place.

Fee for late arrivals

  • If you arrive late at 8:30 class - - - will be charged for the class of 10:00.
  • If you arrive late at 10:00 class - - - will be charged for the class of 12:00.
  • If you arrive late at 12:00 class - - - will be charged for the class of 14:00.
  • In the case of being late at the class of 14:00 & 15:00 - - - It may be impossible to fly depending on circumstances. In that case, please understand that we will charge a cancellation fee.

About overcharging

For the following subjects, additional charges will be incurred separately.
80 kg or more and less than 85 kg Increase by 1,000 yen
85 kg or more and less than 90 kg Increase by 2,000 yen

About shooting fee

Those who wish to photograph are available separately at the following rates. Those shot will be handed over by SD card.
(The shooting will be taken with individual reservations for each person)
  • For tandem flights, you must apply for one of the video options.
  • If you do not have a license, you cannot skydive with your camera attached.

Photographer (photographer)

An air cameraman with a video and a camera attached to the helmet takes a picture by skydiving together.

Membership fee insurance fee + movie + still picture (both): 20,000 yen

Video shoot by instructor (per person charge)

An instructor who skydives together will take a video camera and shoot.
  • Right now, we will accept movie shooting by instructor at 8,000 yen.

Membership fee insurance fee + video (hand camera): 8,000 yen
Please refer to the hand camera sample for details.

About cancellation and contents change

About contact

Please be sure to call us when cancellation and content Mob : 090-8492-1250
If you cannot make a phone call, please email us.webmaster@skydivefujioka.jp
  • We will give it to the mobile phone when we contact you from today.

[ Important ] About schedule change due to customer's convenience after booking is confirmed

Please make your reservation after confirming the schedule. Schedule change due to customer convenience will be until the following period.
Schedule changeable period
Period during which customer convenience schedule can be changed after reservation is confirmed
7 days before reservation date.
  • Cancellation charges will be generated for all schedule changes due to customer circumstances after the above period.
  • For schedule change due to customer convenience after reservation is confirmed, fee will be charged as follows.
    The commission is applied to all of the reservation together, and will be charged on the basic fee. Please note.

Schedule change fee after reservation confirmation (per person)

  • Change 1st time: 1,000 yen (per person)
  • Second change: 2,000 yen (per person)
  • Change 3rd: 3,000 yen (per person)
  • Thereafter, 1,000 yen added per reservation change

About cancellation fee

  • Cancellation charge will be charged per person.
14 days before reservation date * A full cancellation fee will be charged according to the details of the reservation.

Other important matters

Important request

For customers who booked on weekday, sorry to trouble you, please call us a reservation confirmation 3 days in advance.

About reservation method

Please make a reservation by e-mail or reservation form for prevention of mistake. We appreciate your cooperation.

About reply mail after application

We will send you a reply e-mail in response to the e-mail you received from the application form.
If there is no reply after 2 days, sorry to trouble you, but please contact by phone. In the unlikely event that you do not receive a reply mail from here and you do not receive a message to that effect, you can not experience even if you have not confirmed your reservation, even if you come on that day, There is a case that cancellation fee is generated as well. Please be careful enough.

About discontinuation of skydiving

It may not be carried out on the day of the event, due to weather and defects / troubles of airframes / pilots. Since the site will do judgment of implementation, please follow local judgment. In the case of cancellation, we will contact the representative who made the reservation on the morning of the day.
Distant customers and others may be judged to be canceled while heading for us.
  • Please turn on the mobile phone and keep it in touch.
  • We do not pay travel expenses, accommodation expenses, etc.

About shooting options

Depending on the weather of the day and imperfections / defects of the shooting equipment / photographer, we may refuse shooting content, shooting refusal.

[ Important ] About late arrival

Customers who arrive late will be informed of the next class fee.
Please contact us promptly upon arrival at the meeting place. Depending on the circumstances, we may not be able to jump so we ask for your cooperation not to be late.
If you can not jump by late, we will charge a cancellation fee. Please note.
  • Please be sure to receive mail from webmaster@skydivefujioka.jp and make inquiries.
  • Some users (in particular smartphones) are asked to comment that PDF materials can not be seen. For details on how to view PDF data, please check after using your terminal or application.
  • A reply mail is sent to the input mail address. If you do not receive a reply mail or if you do not contact us, there is a possibility that it has not been accepted correctly. Please contact 090-8492-1250 or webmaster@skydivefujioka.jp so that we can contact you.

[Other inquiries (weekdays from 9: 00 to 17: 00)]

  • We are transferring the phone to the skydiving site because the office reception is
    not available on the day of the jump on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  • Since the jump holding date is crowded, we may be unable to respond by telephone.
    Please contact me via email.
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